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Double Ended Dildos

After years of design and innovation, we have become more and more professional in research and development in the area of sex toys. For example, silicone dildos, double ended dildos,vibrators, penis pump etc. It is guaranteed that our products have a decided advantage in innovation, fashion, and user experience. We have the certifications of both Europe and US for using safe and high quality silicone to make sure our products are environmental friendly. Focusing on liquid silicone products for years with advanced technology, our products are more comfortable and superior.

Double ended dildos are a fantastic way for partners to have fun. They can be used for simultaneous vaginal penetration, simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration, or simultaneous anal penetration between two partners. Some often come with enough flexibility to perform DP (deep penetration) on one user. It brings double stimulation: Like any dildo, you can simulate double penetration quite easily. You can try a novel approach and use a double ended dildo for anal pleasure while still stimulating the vagina with another end.

Double ended dildos provide double the fun. In fact, this type of dildo will be much longer than a traditional dildo because it needs to span the divide between the two partners, or for flexible models, they need to be bent almost twice as much to enter the anus as well as the vagina during solo play.

Due to the nature of double ended dildos, most have a soft rubber or silicone coating. However, double ended dildos designed with dual penetration which can also be available in harder forms and can also be made of stainless steel.

Double ended dildos were first used among lesbians. However, things have moved on a lot and these adult sex toys are taking on more of a role. Nowadays, there is an overwhelming majority of heterosexual or homosexual couples who find these double ended dildos ideal for dual anal stimulation as well.
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