Who invented the Sex Doll


In 1940, the German army achieved great victories on the battlefields everywhere, and France was forced to surrender. However, when a large number of German troops entered the colorful world in Paris, France, they had been depressed for a long time and began to look for flowers and ask Liu to vent themselves. As a result, a large number of German soldiers were infected with STDs. Seeing this situation, the Nazi SS boss Himmler wrote to Hitler reminding him that because the Germans had casual sex with French women, they were facing more and more serious physical health problems. Those who pose the greatest threat to our army are the prostitutes who are widely distributed, and they bring a lot of venereal diseases. We have a responsibility to prevent soldiers from risking their health to continue this way.
In 1955 after the end of World War II, two types of inflatable dolls appeared at the same time. The name is "Lily Doll". Many family members do not allow their children to buy it due to exposure to clothing. American writer Ariel Levy directly referred to this "lily doll" as a "sex doll" in the book "Female Chauvinistic Pig". Later, the mother of "Barbie", American Ruth Handler discovered that her daughter Barbara liked playing with paper dolls, and preferred adult-sized dolls, but the American market at that time was all kind of children's The image is very similar to the screen image of the child star Shirley Temple. . Ruth realized that this kind of adult doll is in great demand in the United States. Later in 1956, when Lu traveled to Europe, she accidentally saw this kind of Sex Doll and bought three of them.
Later, with the help of an engineer, Ruth combined the characteristics of these two Sex Dolls together, which not only had the characteristics of an adult, but was not exposed. Ever since, a brand new doll was formed. Then, Ruth invited a fashion designer to design the corresponding clothes for the doll, and named it "Barbie" after her daughter. On March 9, 1959, "Barbie" was unveiled at the American International Exhibition in New York, and won everyone's attention. According to Barbie’s designers, at first they didn’t know that "Lily Doll" was an adult product, so they bought Sex Doll for research.

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