Nowadays, the most common method of realistic dildo manufacturing is molding. Molding can be safely and efficiently used to make dildos not only from silicone.

Factory workers use stainless steel mould to produce a "prototype" or "model" of each realistic dildo that will be produced.Designers spend a lot of time considering the shape, size, and aesthetics of the dildo - every vein, ridge twist or knot is carefully and deliberately added to enhance the ultimate pleasurable experience of the realistic dildo.

Once the mold is made, the manufacturing materials (silicone, plastic, foam, etc.) are poured into it in liquid form. If the realistic dildo has a multi-layered design - for example, a hard core surrounded by a lighter, more fleshy skin - multiple materials may be used at this stage.


Inside the mold, the realistic dildo solidifies into its final form. What was originally just a vat of featureless fluid is allowed to become something new and exciting as heads and balls, veins and ridges, and all other design elements are created and locked into place.


However, once each realistic dildo comes out of the mold, the process is still far from complete. Workers need to inspect each produced realistic dildo to ensure that it is of sufficient quality and has not become twisted or distorted in the mold. The hanging edges are carefully cut off so that the dildo looks as close as possible to the prototype for which it was designed.


Before a realistic dildo is allowed to progress further along the assembly line, the smallest cracks and deformities are inspected and repaired immediately,as even minor problems have the potential to reduce the integrity of the dildo and cause it to have a much shorter lifespan.


Today, all realistic dildos are also inspected to ensure that they meet the required health and safety standards and do not contain any toxic materials such as phthalates or other chemicals that could pose a potential risk to human health.Typically, medical grade silicone is used to ensure that every dildo produced is safe and gentle - not to mention easy to use and pleasant to the touch! - as safe and gentle as possible, not to mention easy to use and pleasurable to the touch.


Finally, the last step is to secure the realistic dildos in their packaging, usually made of plastic, and box them up so they remain safe and secure as they travel across the country, or even the world, until they reach their "permanent home.

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