Sex toys are made of different materials, some of which are made of materials that can harbor bacteria, grease, dirt, etc. These adult toys must be cleaned with specific products to avoid damaging bacteria and spreading them,or worse, exposing you to infection. Nonporous materials include things like silicone (often found in typical vibrator), glass, ABS,metal.Porous materials, which are those that can harbor bacteria and other generally gross things, include TPR,TPE, Jelly rubber,PVC,latex and Sensafirm, as well as UR3 (which sometimes makes toys feel like skin). These toys need to be cleaned more thoroughly and it is even more important to clean them after each use.


How to clean


If you are using a sex toy made of non-porous material,Use a mild soap that does not contain any microbeads, exfoliants or harsh ingredients. Make sure the soap you use is fragrance free as fragrances can irritate the pH balance of the vagina and vulva.


If it is made of porous material,You can try to clean it with some mild soap and water, but this may not clean it completely. If you are using this toy with a partner, we recommend trying it with a condom to make sure there is no transfer of bacteria or sexually transmitted diseases.


If it is not waterproof.Be careful about putting toys that are not waterproof (especially vibrating or electric ones) directly into water. Simply dip a towel in mild soap and a small amount of water, then dry it with a paper towel.


If you use sex toys with a partner.Wash your toy in boiling water. If it is not made of silicone, Pyrex or stainless steel, try the above method. Always dry your toy completely - especially if the toy is made of silicone or is not waterproof, as water can harm the material.  


If you’re feeling lazy, you can (occasionally) get away with using a sex toy cleaner,or use condoms (especially if you're sharing toys).

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