Different Types of Sex Toys for Women


Clitoral Stimulation Adult Toys:The clitoral stimulator sex toys can bring pleasure to over 8000 nerve endings that are responsible for the most tried and true orgasms for her. Sonic Wave, Air Pulse Technology and Pleasure Air have been used interchangeably.There is always the classic and discreet clit sucker,rabbit vibrator,bullet vibrator and pocket vibrator options to take you to complete pleasure.
G-Spot Stimulation Adult Toys:The G spot vibrator sex toys are designed for the well known pleasure spot for explosive orgasms. some vibrators have rotating function or thrusting function.normally they have a curve for the stimulation of the sweet spot.
A-Spot Stimulation Adult Toys:They focus on a newly discovered erogenous zone for those who like it deep. They have the power to unleash strong orgasms and require a longer and more tapered tip to get it just right. 
Anal Stimulation Adult Toys:The anal sex toys deliver one of the most craved sensations by both men and women. It is extremely satisfying because of the incredible amount of nerve endings found in this region. These most friendly anal plugs for beginner are usually teardrop-shaped, and are perfect for first time pleasure and to warm up the body. On the other hand, the anal beads create delicious continuous stimulation as they are designed to be moved along the bead series. To intensify the experience, add the exhilarating benefits of vibration and choose between these vibrating anal plugs and vibrating anal beads.
Dildos: The dildos are the most popular sex toy for both men and women. there are different materials of dildos bring different experiences,glass,metal,silicone,TPE,PVC etc. some even have thrusting or rotating function.
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