How To Choose Female Sex Toys


Sex toys have been more or less taboo during the last few decades, but today, they’re more acceptable than ever. Besides, there’s a big increasing availability of sex toys online and in local stores wordwide.It become more and more popular for both men,women,couple,lesbian and gay.

Sex toys can enhance pleasure and perfectly amplify foreplay, which is necessary for most women to enjoy intercourse,most women need to have clitoral stimulation to orgasm, especially during penetrative sex.

A rabbit vibrator is a great way for a woman to achieve orgasm.It provides external clitoral stimulation with its internal vibrations.It’s not only for solo,but also can be used with partners.
Bullet vibe is an ideal choice as a first vibrator. It’s small, discreet, quiet, and inexpensive, but really powerful. Primarily used for clitoral stimulation—like all other female sex toys, it may have various of speeds and patterns settings, depending on the bullet vibrator you select.The bullet vibe can be held against the clitoris during intercourse for additional stimulation, and it can easily be placed between two bodies during sex.

A wand vibrator can be intimidating to sex toy beginners,it is usually much larger than a regular vibrator and a bullet vibe. But if you’re ready to something bigger and more powerful, its enlarged head and long body is worth to have a try.

Dildo is the most popular sex toy for Americans.According to The Sex Toy Census 2017 from Lovehoney, shoppers in the US are more likely to buy a realistic dildo than consumers in the UK, Australia, or Germany.In fact, sex toy buyers from all over the world still can’t get enough of the dildo.It is operated by hand (the user's own or a partner's hand). Some dildos are smooth and cylinder-shaped, while others are designed to look like a real penis. And today,dildos normally have a suction cup which support hands free using.

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