Review of The Amazon Top Seller Sex Toy for Women--Rose Suction Vibrator


Today we would like to introduce the 2020 top popular sex toy for women,the rose vibrator.This rose shaped sucking vibrator sold more than 100,000pcs per month online, then you can imagine how popular it is. The appearance of this red rose vibrator sex toy is very cute, it can stimulate the secret garden(clitoris,breast,etc) to get pleasure through its sucking function.

From the packaging, there is only a Rose and the factory logo, which is private and will not let you associate it with sex toys.After opening the box,you can find the rose sucking vibrator,charger,fleece bag and instruction. The material is food grade silicone which is soft and safe.100% waterproof and smells almost odorless.It is packed with gift box makes it ideally for a gift.

The operation of this rose flower shaped sucking vibrator is very simple, there is only a button,hold and press the button for more than 2 seconds to turn on/off, and each shot press to switch a vibration frequency, there're total 10 different licking frequencies. 

The charge method of this rose sex toy for women is magnetic charging.Adsorb the magnetic suction charging port at the bottom of this adult toy on the magnetic suction charging base,connect the USB charging cable to any USB charge port,the button will be blue light up and start charging, charging 2.5 hours can be used for lasting 1.5 hours.

Washing this rose sucker sex toy is quite simple.Just use warm water with bath lotion or utensil disinfectant to clean and then dry it,remember to stock it in a cool and dry place.
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