How to Clean Your Private Parts and Sex Toys Before and After Sex


How to clean your private parts and sex toys before and after sex? I believe this is a concern for many people, so let us explain it to you below.


So when is it better to clean your private parts before and after sex? Who is more necessary for men and women?Both men and women should keep their reproductive organs clean, especially before and after sex, wash the sex toys before and after using is also very important.Pay more attention to clean the private parts, otherwise it will cause inflammation of the genitourinary system, such as urethritis, vaginitis, foreskin glansitis, etc.


The penis is a male reproductive organ, and the foreskin and glans often hide some dirt between them, which must be washed before sexual intercourse, and the foreskin should be turned up to wash the coronal groove and inner skin thoroughly. Otherwise, it is easy to bring bacteria into the female vagina, causing gynecological inflammation.


We learned that the female vulva has many folds, sweat glands, sebaceous glands and vaginal secretions, and the female vagina is located between the urethra and the anus, and the distance between both is very close, very vulnerable to bacterial infection. Therefore, women must also wash their private parts and the sex toys (like vibrators,dildos,kegel balls,wands,etc)before sexual intercourse, otherwise these bacteria will be carried into the vagina during intercourse. This will not only easily cause gynecological inflammation, but may also infect men, causing glansitis of the male foreskin and even cause urethritis.


Use lukewarm water when washing your private parts and the sex toys(like vibrators,dildos,kegel balls,wands,etc),and try to avoid using cold water. You need to have a special towel. When washing should be from front to back, first wash the external genitalia, then the anal area, the best conditions with the nozzle rinse.


Both men and women should also wash their private parts in time after sex to remove the semen and glandular secretions adhering to the vulva to keep the external genitalia clean and dry.Don't foget to wash your sex toys.


However, if some women wash their private parts excessively, it may destroy the normal acid-base balance in the vagina, thus affecting the vagina's own self-cleaning function, which is counterproductive. Therefore, cleaning the private parts should be done in moderation.

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