Introduction of The Couple Sex Toy--Remote Control Wearable Vibrator


What is the vibrator sex toy for couples?Who are the people that the wearable vibrator is suitable for?

The vibrator of couple sex toy can be used for an exciting addition to the bedroom.If you’re looking to try something totally new,or want some help with your partner, or need more fullness after giving birth,this smart and innovative sex toy is designed specifically for couples. 

It looks like a C and G spot vibrator from the outside.The way it works is fairly simple. One end can be worn internally, and then the external part would lay on the clit to stimulate.You can also wear it during penetration. In that way, the internal part rocks up against the G-spot, and the external part gives clit stimulation.That means you’re getting stimulation from penetration as well as from the vibrator sex toy, at essentially every possible angle. The angle of the toy is adjustable, so it bends to more comfortably fit the wearer’s shape. Plus, it can be controlled by a remote controller, so you or your partner can adjust the settings without pressing buttons down there.You can not only enjoy playing by yourself, but also be controlled by partner.

This remote control wearable vibrator has 10 vibration modes.Fitted with two powerful motors, this curved sex toy is meant to pleasure you and your partner at the same time.It can also be used for self playing.
1. Press the button to turn on the vibrator,insert the small end into your body
2. Put the big head on the clit,lightly press the remote controller and start vibraing
3. Stimulate the clit by moving the big end

This couple sex toy reaches IPX5 level of waterproof, what does it mean? It means that you can play when shower, It also means that it can be rinsed directly under the faucet. The noise is less than 50 decibels which is quite silent.The ultra-comfortable and soft eco-friendly silicone guarantes its safety and health.

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