Where are all the sex toys hidden in the house? Survey data tells you the answer


"Where do you hide your sex toys at home?" Recently, a French media released the results of this interesting questionnaire...


Not surprisingly, the bedside table was the number one choice for intimate sex toys: 31% of respondents chose to keep them in the "bedside table", which is easy reach, but not easily found.


25% of respondents prefer to tuck their sex toys in the closet, because few people go through closets, except for themselves.


6% of respondents used to put their erotic adult toys in the bathroom (they like to use them in the shower), 5% put their sex toys directly under the pillow, and 4% put the sex toys on the bookshelf and block them with books .


And even more fierce, 1% of people randomly throw their sex toys on the sofa or even the kitchen.


Another interesting thing in the report: 28% of respondents can't remember where they put their sex toys? (can't find it) So more than 1/4 of these respondents may have their sex toys exposed to their siblings, friends, or even their parents and children.


And there is data that shows that because of the city lock caused by COVID 9, erotic sex toys are becoming more accepted and no longer considered taboo or shameful. This will have a positive impact and change for the erotic adult toy industry.


* This user survey: conducted from November 27 to 30, 2020 through an online questionnaire with a sample size of 2012 users, adults aged 18+ and living in French cities.

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