From "sex shame" to "pay for sex"! Why are sex toys becoming more and more popular?


With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living have improved, and they are beginning to focus on improving the quality of life.
Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their personal feelings, and the adult sex toy industry is developing in a low-profile and fast way in the social atmosphere of "talking about sex".

Why are erotic sex toys popular?

Erotic sex toys, usually rely on physical effects, to help adults meet the needs of sex aids to improve or enhance the purpose of sex experience.

Hundreds or Thousands years ago, erotic products are the hidden secrets of the female, and now Chinese men have also tasted the sweetness of erotic products(sex toys), and gradually become the main consumer.

In the "2020 China Erotic Products Industry and Consumer Behavior Survey Analysis Report", analysts believe that the main reason for the rise of the development of China's sex toy industry is the open concept.

According to the data, 34.82% of respondents said they wanted to try sex toys, 28.13% thought sex toys were pleasurable, and 27.23% of respondents maintained a neutral attitude toward sex toys, with less than 10% of users holding a rejectionist attitude.

Although in the general environment, sex toys can not yet be advertised and sold like ordinary commodities, but with the public recognition of the value of sex toys, it has become a popular commodity that is needed by different age groups,young and middle-aged groups are the main consumer.

The correct posture of using sex toys

There is actually a proper name for sex toys: sexual health products.After people have tasted a variety of strange things and reproductive parts of the pain, they want the professional, safe sex toys.However, due to the lack of knowledge,the bacterial infection and genital friction damage become the two most common problems of using sex toys.

For this reason, here is a reminder of 4 points.

1. cleanliness

Reproductive parts are fragile and sensitive, after using, users need to clean and disinfect the sex toys, and then stored in a clean, dry place, a sex toy is not recommended for using by more than one person to avoid the possibility of cross-infection.

2. Use lubricant wisely

As the old products in the erotic industry, it is the premise of the use of various sex toys. It can protect the your body and make self-pleasure more safe and happy.

3. Strictly follow the instructions

There are many different kinds of sex toys with different usages. Before receiving a new toy, please read the instructions carefully, take a research at the basic play and advanced play method, step by step to understand this adult toy. Never evaluate the use of sex toys by their appearance, because you absolutely can not imagine.

4. Do not buy low quality sex toys 

As with other regular products, sex toys also need to be licensed. And because of their special using, the sex toys have higher safety requirements, a moment of carelessness with low quality products will cause a fatal blow.

There is no shame in using sex toys

Although there is a strong curiosity about erotic sex toys, and a lot of people are bold enough to try them, but there are always some people who will have a strong sense of shame and guilt after the pleasure.Some people have been taught the concept of "sexual shame" since childhood, and are influenced by the disdainful attitude of others who mention sexual needs, believing that self-pleasure is immoral.

But self-pleasure is a common thing, everyone can choose the way they like to caress their own bodies with sex toys! As long as we don't hurt others, no one can deny our rights to have fun.
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