SKYN 2021 Survey of Sexual and Intimate Relationships in the United States


This survey aims to analyze the sexual perceptions and preferences of Generation Z and Millennials in the United States,and the state of sexual health
The SKYN Sexuality and Intimacy Survey 2021 report shows:
● Sexual intimacy is more frequent and younger Americans are more willing to experiment with new behaviors.
● Despite increased anxiety, 39% of respondents felt significantly more erotic in both sexes.
● There were more and more people having orgasm during sex, with nearly half (47%) of respondents reporting two or more orgasm during sex.38% of respondents said they were more excited about sex and more willing to experiment with different positions and locations.
● Almost half (49%) of respondents watched more porns.
Romantic and social activities. 
● Since the COVID-9, more than a quarter (29%) of respondents found a new love partner.
● When starting a new romantic relationship, 78% of respondents had maintained social distance on their first three dates.
● 78% of those who started a new romantic relationship also had friends who ended the relationship.
● 69% of respondents who found a new love think that the COVID 9 helped with the confirmation of a romantic relationship.
● 41% of respondents said their friends have become friendlier since the beginning of the COVID 9.
Methodology of this survey: The survey was conducted by email invitation and online survey of 2,000 U.S. adults aged 18 to 39

Here are details of the report:

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