How to choose a dildo


It's 2021 now and no one still thinks that masturbation is something to be ashamed of, right?Sexual desire, like appetite, is one of the most primitive of human instincts.As puberty approaches, both boys and girls experience a gradual increase in hormone levels in their bodies, and their sexual needs increase as well.

As early as 1972, the American Federal Medical Association officially declared that "masturbation is a normal human sexual behaviour".

So for those of you who are ready to masturbate, or are in the process of masturbating, just feel free to try some sex toys such as vibrators, dildos,kegel balls and AV wands...

The first thing you need to do is to choose a suitable dildo.

This may be an important choice that will change the quality of your life for once. Make sure you do your homework scientifically, rigorously and carefully, and the following guide is for everyone who is serious about life.

01 Dildos

Dildos = fake penises. Dildos have been appeared for a long time, in early neolithic age,the large stone penises had been used for phallic worship in various places.After modern civilization, dildos of similar or greater size than real male penises emerged and were actually used in sexual or masturbatory acts.Some scholars even believe that the baton is in fact an extension of the dildo.

In China,dildos have been documented since 14th century, and the 'horned man' described in Ming and Qing erotic novels is a modern-day imitation of a phallus, and at this stage there were a wide variety of materials (wood, jade, etc.).

Compared to other toys, the realistic dildo is psychologically and physiologically holistic and will leave you in a state of complete satisfaction.Designed with reference to the male penis, a dildo will provide you with the same pleasurable and indescribable pleasure as real penetration during use. Some of the highly realistic dildos have a prominent texture that exactly replicates the male penis, and although it is a dildo, it scrapes against the vaginal when in and out, making it more effective at stimulating the G-spot and leading to orgasm.Later the upgraded dildos include electric designs that produce intense tingling pleasure and speed up the process of reaching orgasm.

02 How do I choose?

①Size and dimensions

Every male penis is different in size, shape, thickness, etc., and different people have different needs for it.This is why there are different sizes and shapes of realisitc dildos in the market. However, these sizes do not go beyond the ideological definition of a dong: thick and long, thin and short.

The average diameter of a Chinese man's penis is 35mm and the average length is 130mm, plus the thickness of the national standard condom is 33mm. combining these data, Mr. Porphyry divided the realistic dildos into 4 sizes: small(<33mm in diameter); medium(33mm-38mm in diameter);large(38mm-45mm in diameter). Super large(diameter>45mm)...

The small size is suitable for beginners or girls with no sexual experience (if you don't have a sex life, Ms. Porphyry will recommend a vibrator or dildo).

The medium size is suitable for girls with some experience, or for girls who are not particular about size, or who really don't know how to choose, just go for the medium size.

The large size is suitable for girls after childbirth or for sexually experienced older drivers, as well as for those who are not quite satisfied with the regular size.

You can also choose the right size for your different needs. According to scientific research,the vagina can get bigger as the sexual desire increases. The vaginal walls are like a pleated skirt and when the sexual desire is aroused, these folds open up, making the vagina 4.5 cm or even 6 cm in diameter, which is enough to accommodate yourself when you get aroused.

②Material and softness

For the sex toys that insert into the body, it is quite important to focus on the material.

At present, the main materials of dildos are PVC, TPE, silicone and platinum-cured silicone.

Platinum-cured silicone is able to withstand extreme high and low temperatures, has a longer life span, and as clean as new, it is more antibacterial and has a relatively high safety factor.

There are specific data standards for the hardness of the material, for example, the hardness is 30, 20, 10, 0, etc. The smaller the number, the softer it is. The difference between softness and hardness is like a shade of colour, it is a gradual process of change.

Even if the raw material is the same softness, the design, the texture and the production process can cause variations in the softness of the finished dildos. Of course, a softer dong is more difficult and costly to produce and feels more comfortable to use.

There are some of the cheaper dildos in the market, although they look quite soft,but they are made with a keel that is not guaranteed in quality and are prone to falling off and deforming during use, has the risk of breaking at any time.
We recommend the realistic dildos made of platinum-cured silicone (raw material) solidly infused in one piece (process), so it can present the maximum degree of toughness as a dildo should have, with excellent elasticity at every angle, can be bent at will, easy to insert and play with.

On the other side of the coin, some people believe that electric dildos are slightly harder than manual dildos because of the built-in motor, vibrator and strut, which makes them slightly harder overall, even with the soft, skin-friendly platinum-cured silicone covering.

③Manual VS Electric

This depends on your personal preference.

Manual models are generally dildos that do not have any electric features. There are no electronic components inside the dildo, no charging, no batteries, and no other electric devices or electric functions.Normally it has a suction cup at the end,which can stick to any  smooth surface for hands free using.

Electric models, which have motor vibrators, struts and other devices installed inside. This allows the realistic dildos having some electric functions, such as vibration,thrusting, rotation, etc. Normally these dildo has different modes and frequencies of vibration (for example 10 vibration modes), and you need to understand and adapt to the frequency of vibration before using it to get more out of it.

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