Condoms safety test


There are so many condoms on the market now, what is the best condom? Do you know how to use condoms? How many condom sizes do you know? What is the best condom brand? Which condoms are the best quality? Are the condoms really "safe" enough?Are they lubricated enough? Is it a good enough fit?

Nowadays, condoms are not cheap, so in order not to pregnant, people pay a lot of money, but is the condom you buy as "safe" as you think for sexual life? Let's see!

Here's the "Condoms" test, let's go! 

First, a family photo.

The most comprehensive condom review in the history of the collection! Brands, sizes, quality

This test is not conducted using professional precision testing equipment, and the results obtained are the intuitive status quo under specific conditions, and are for your reference only.

Well, Let;s introduce the brand team of condoms now

1, Durex (Classic,Fetherlite,Together)

2, Jissbon(Ultra thin pleasure,Super moist pleasure)

3, Okamoto (Purity, Super lubricative)

There are 3 brands of 6 condoms, Let's see what happens! 

Friction test: Using a toothbrush with toothpaste to brush each condom 100 times, to test whether it leaks

This seems to be a very important issue for everyone ~ how about the friction index?
Let's start testing!

The first test is how well it stretches
1, Durex (Classic)
The ring opening is milky white, the diameter is 4.8cm, the length is 21.5cm after pulling, the smell is faint rubbery
After 10 pulls, the length becomes 23cm, which is 1.5cm longer than the previous natural length. 
2, Durex (Fetherlite)
The ring mouth is pink, the diameter is 4.8cm, the length is 20.8cm in its natural state after stretching, with a strawberry smell ~ the appearance is pink particles, after pulling it becomes 21.6cm, longer than before by 0.8cm
3. Durex (Together)
Diameter is 4.8cm, length is 20.1cm after stretching, smell is faint rubbery. After 10 stretches the length becomes 21cm, which is 0.9cm longer than before.
4. Jissbon(Ultra thin pleasure,Super moist pleasure)
Diameter is 4.7cm, length after stretching is 20.6cm Rubber smell is very strong, more lubricating fluid. Length 22cm after 10 stretches, 1.4cm longer than before
5. Okamoto (Purity)
Measured at 4.7cm, stretched to 21.9cm in length after 3 stretches. Unexpected things happen !!!!!!
The condom broke !!!!
6. Okamoto(,Super lubricative)
The diameter is 4.8cm, after stretching is 20.9cm, there is a very strong rubber smell, after pulling 10 times the length becomes 21.9cm

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