Some high quality and fun erotic shops worldwide


See what high quality sex shops look like around the world?

1. M's Pop Life Sex Shop|Japan

Keywords: A whole building full of them
Address: 1-15-13 Soto-kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Taihei-do Building B1-6F

Opening hours: 10:00 - 23:00

The famous "Porn Tower" has a different theme on each floor from the first to the seventh, with JAV (Japanese Adult Video), dolls, costumes, lingerie, SM products, vibrators ...... catering for almost every gender and sexuality of human eveywhere.

Entering for the first time is an absolutely mind-blowing experience. The shop is far more crowded than one would expect, with almost every inch of the shop stocked with vibrators, whips and inflatable dolls, etc. The aisles can only accommodate one person. Even if you don't come to buy sex toys, I would recommend visiting this place to see the wide range of sex toys, it's like Disneyland.

The sixth and seventh floors hold cosplay clothes and accessories where you can buy sailor costumes, devil costumes, Sailor Moon costumes and school uniforms. Most of the uniforms are exclusively for women, but there is also male cosplay products here.

2. Coco de Mer|UK

Keywords: Luxury velvet
Address: 23 Monmouth St, West End, London WC2H 9DD United Kingdom

Opening hours: 11:00 - 17:00

London's most glamorous and upmarket erotic sex mall, it continues the Victorian era of extravagance with sterling silver, gilding, quartzite, velvet and crystal chandeliers ...... all used in their sex toys.

In the spirit of craftsmanship, they highly polish their wooden dildos to eliminate any possible breakage; they dip ceramic plugs into warm and cold water to test their stability; and even the glass rods are blown using traditional techniques.

3. Condomerie|The Netherlands

Keyword: Condom speciality shop
Address: Warmoesstraat 141, 1012 JB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00

Condomerie is the world's first condom shop, opened in 1987 with the mission to promote safe sex. It is located near the red light district of Amsterdam. You probably wouldn't expect it to be one of the most popular attractions for tourists.

The window showcase displays  a wide variety of condoms in all colours and shapes. It's a nice display, funny and creative. Everything is displayed inside and out. It's not tacky and it's worth a look.

In the shop you can choose from a wide range of flavours: chocolate, tuttifti, mango, strawberry muffin, vanilla, hot chocolate, mandarin and apple, all for just 1 euro. There is also a mini bar with a 3.50 euro unit price with three bottles of wine (exclusively for those who like wine** ingredients).

4. Atsuko Kudo Ltd|UK

Keywords: Premium latex clothing
Address: 64 Holloway Rd, Hi**ury East, London N7 8JL United Kingdom
Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:30

More than a mere erotic object, Atsuko Kudo has taken latex clothing into the realm of fashion, with celebrities such as Kate Moss, Brad Pitt and Kim Kardashian associated with it. ...... Lady Gaga also met the Queen of England in a ten-metre long red latex dress.

The latex is tight and airless, but because it fits so well, you still feel like you're naked when you wear it. Someone think it is fashionable, representing rebellion and frankness. Others see it as a prop, used in SM and not leaving a mark even when tied up. Luxury and fetishism probably originated in the same place.

5. Smart Fetish and Fantasy|The Netherlands

Keywords: BDSM and foot control
Address: Oudebrugsteeg 10, 1012 JP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00

This shop specialises in fetish and masochistic gadgets such as gags, collars, chains, belts, whips,BDSM DVD and more. Foot fetishists can also buy men's underwear and high heels here. Quentin would have loved this place.

Many people don't understand why fetishistic about feet. According to Pushkin, a veteran foot enthusiast and poet, "there must be something in those fleshy and bony objects on which we walk, climb, jump and dance.

According to Freud, "the female foot, especially in China, is often be hidden. Thus, by peeking at women's feet, men could gain the psychological pleasure of penetrating the secrets of others.

Whether it was out of curiosity or voyeurism, since the fetish existed, it was enough to provide a serious commodity.

6. Other Nature | Germany

Keywords: female-oriented
Address: Mehringdamm 79, 10965 Berlin, Germany
Opening hours: 12:00 - 18:00

This is an erotic shop designed for women, offering everything a woman needs. All-natural sex toys made from birch wood, hazelnut caramel flavoured lubricants,finger condoms, colourful twine and female menstrual products such as menstrual can find everything you need here.

A slogan in the shop reads "This is not your average sex shop, bring your mum! " Although the first sex shop in history was founded by a German woman, Beate Uhse, and was originally intended to sell only contraceptives and 'marital hygiene' books.But as sexual attitudes opened up, the sex toy category was dominated by male aesthetics for a long time.Other Nature's shop manager was shocked by the huge fake buttocks and breasts when she first entered the sex shop.

So she decided to open a more 'feminist' sex shop. The shop is well-lit with flowers and customers are offered a cup of hot tea when they enter. In this shop, the sex objects are also restored to their original nature as objects, and are simply displayed quietly.

7. Erotic Museum|Erotic Museum|The Netherlands

Keywords: tickets and souvenirs only
Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54, 1012 DP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Opening hours: 11:00 - 01:00

The museum is tucked away in an old warehouse in the middle of the Amster red light district. On three floors, it displays a wide range of erotic sex products, including erotic sketches by John Lennon, sculptures of phalluses from primitive African tribes and ancient Chinese snuff bottles with pictures of the erotic.

There are rooms dedicated to SM scenes and seven dwarfs drooling over Snow White. You can buy some condoms as a souvenir on your way out. It's best not to go in with the intention of seeing an erotic exhibition, you'll be disappointed, it's all about sex culture and the red light district.

With the growth of tourism, Amsterdam's red light district is being used as a sex industry landscape. Tourists prefer to take free photos of the windows than to pay for services. The mobile phones they hold up become the thing the window girls fear the most, as many of them come to do business secretly without their families. Maybe then there will be another new gallery in the museum: onlookers holding up their mobile phones to watch the window girls being beaten by their families.

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