Adult Product Company Launches Recycling Service for Used Sex Toys


Recently, AdultToyMegaStore, a New Zealand adult product company, launched a sex toy recycling service to benefit the environment...

The company has partnered with a recycling business where used sex toys will be broken down, categorized, and recycled for reuse.

High-grade circuit boards, will be sent to the Umicore Environmental Recycling Group in Belgium, while ordinary circuit boards and batteries will be shipped to South Korea for the next step of dismantling to produce recyclable materials and safe disposal of hazardous substances.

Metal sex toys, or ball bearings and other metals, will be shipped to Germany where they will be extracted, sorted, pressed into bales, and melted down to make recycled raw materials.

Other non-recyclable sex toy parts, such as PVC and silicone, will be sent to landfills as required by environmental authorities.

If the recycled product is purchased from the AdultToyMegaStore, the sender will receive a $10 credit voucher (NZ$10 about R45).

The company has switched all packaging to 100% recyclable and compostable materials for 2020.

Staff said, "Because of the privacy involved, adult toys are often not properly sorted for recycling, which is a problem for our entire adult industry, something that can be criticized by public opinion."

We hope that through our attempts and efforts to make up for this shortcoming, the flame of a star can lead other peers to come together to make this thing right.

This recycling service is open to everyone, not only limited to users who buy erotic toys in their online store.

The company's director said some people have questioned the service, saying it's just a marketing tool, a GreenWashing act.

But in the face of doubt, they will also persist, because the focus on environmental protection, is a global social trend. To follow the trend is the efficient path of business development.

And this service has already received positive feedback from users and other companies.

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