Global Chip Shortage Spreads to The Erotic Adult Sex Toy Industry


The global chip shortage has hit cars, cell phones and other electronic industry, and the scope of impact is so great that even the adult sex toy industry has been affected.

According to the U.S. "Wall Street" Journal reported that because of the explosive growth in the use of smart phones, along with a significant increase in demand for chips. During the epidemic at home, consumer electronics demand soared, making the battle for chips even more intense.

San Francisco-based adult sex toy company "Crave" has also become one of the chip shortage affected company, must redesign more than half of the product. Executive director Topolovac (Michael Topolovac) said that their products usually contain 30 different electronic parts such as semiconductors, due to the elongated delivery time, they have begun to stockpile chips at the end of last year, at least to support more than 1 to 2 years.

The report mentioned that one of the reasons for the worsening of the problem is that there are only a few chip manufacturers in the world to maintain the 488 billion U.S. dollars industry, 91% of chip production from Asia, the vast majority from Taiwan Province of China and South Korea, but to expand production to spend more than 1 year to prepare.

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