American girl plays with sex toy(wand massager)after drunk, forgets to pull the plug and melts


Recently, a girl in the United States posted on the social media Reddit. A few days ago, after she was drunk, she fell on the bed and used an erotic wand massage to enjoy a good time alone.

However, she fell asleep directly after that, and the vibrator was left on the bedside without turning off the power. As a result, about 3 hours later, she was awakened by the burning smell of plastic. It turned out that the vibrator was vibrating all the time and it was all burned. 

The woman also said: "My whole house smells like burning plastic. I think it will burn in a few minutes. This is really horrible and embarrassing. You must remember to unplug the electric sex toys after use."

In fact, those who buy rechargeable sex toys or use battery powered sex toys will not have this kind of risk.
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