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Onemorescret is a professional wholesaler and manufacturer of adult sex toys that come with the high quality, service and guarantee.We are in sex toy business for more than 7 years,that allows us be able to offer a much safer, faster and reliable adult toy manufacturing and delivery service.As a classic adult toy,wands is a quite popular category of our production line.

The wands vibrators are the masters of clitoral stimulation,they focus on the clitoris and help women reach a clitoral orgasm. They can’t be used inside of the vagina since the head of the vibrator is much wider than the body. Wands can be both hands-free or wired. Hands-free models work from batteries.And the wired wands come with a power cord that people can plug into the socket.

Wands vibrators are a type of external vibrator. They typically feature a large head that vibrates and a long handle.Wands are generally a quite powerful type of vibrator, they are normally designed with multi speeds and patterns.Wands are perfect for anyone who wants to have a powerful orgasm, but finds direct clitoral stimulation too intense. They also come with a range of attachments, so you can have the power of a wand with a variety of different sensations and shapes.
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